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FIFTY@FIFTY-Tracey Jackson talks With 50 People On Being 50: #34 PAUL WILLIAMS

Join screenwriter/director/author TRACEY JACKSON in conversation with legendary actor/singer songwriter PAUL WILLIAMS (70) on the ‘best years of his life’ (50 to 70). A true legend in show business- Paul Williams has written some of the greatest songs of all time…acted in some of the greatest movies of all time…and is currently writing ‘Happy Days’-the musical.

On March 15, 1990 (at 49 1/2 yrs old) Williams ‘got sober’ and began a new chapter in his life. Having ‘clear vision’ and a new sense of communicating and relating to others, he ‘found himself’ (at 50) and learned to ‘trust his unconscious’ and ‘deal with life in life’s terms.’

Williams shares great wisdom when he advises to “Play-don’t work”, and “Don’t let the clock scare you (and don’t spend a lot of time looking at it)”-keys to his continued success in the world of music and entertainment. “It’s never too late to stop abusing,” said Williams. “I’ve now learned to say ‘I don’t know how to do that-and I ask others for help….don’t suffer alone-ask for help”.

Listen, learn, and share the wise words from someone that’s been there and back. Look for new projects from Paul (working with the amazing Electronica act DAFT PUNK, and the musical HAPPY DAYS).

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"I’ll Learn To Be Me" -Written and Sung by Paul Williams
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